Laser Tattoo Removal at Essential Rejuvenation

At Essential Rejuvenation, we understand that getting a tattoo removed is a personal journey. Our advanced laser tattoo removal service is here to help you achieve the results you desire.


Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis due to the various factors involved in assessing tattoo removal. We utilize the Kirby-Desai Scale and consider elements such as size, color, layering, scarring, age, and skin tone. Prices start at $75 and can go up to $500 per treatment.

Kirby-Desai Scale

The scale provided offers a rough estimate of the number of treatments you may need. While it's not a precise figure, it should give you a reasonable understanding.

Kirby-Desai Scale Calculator.pdf

Packages and Financing

When you choose to pay upfront for a complete package, you receive an exclusive discount. Additionally, the number of treatments included in the package guarantees the desired results, ensuring that you won't incur any extra costs.

We also offer a flexible financing plan through Cherry. You can perform a soft credit check to determine your eligibility without impacting your credit score. Please use the link provided below to check your eligibility before your appointment.  

What to expect with removal

Day 1: Warm, swollen, and tender to the touch, yet tolerable.

Day 2-4: Increasing warmth, bruising, broken blood vessels, and blistering. No need for concern; this is all normal.

Day 5-10: Begins to scab and itch, avoid scratching, apply cream, and provide care.

Day 11-20: Becoming less sensitive, still occasionally itchy, minimal color loss, but healing is ongoing.

Day 21-30: Ink degradation and noticeable fading, still in the healing process.

Months 2-4: Fading continues, signaling time for the next appointment.

Results vary; some may not experience any of these symptoms. This serves as a general guide to common occurrences.

After Care

To ensure proper healing, keep the skin clean and dry. Use a gentle cleanser and Aquaphor until the healing process, which usually lasts 7-14 days, is complete. Apply Aquaphor twice daily for the first three days to promote faster healing. Do not pick or pop scabs, as they are an essential part of recovery. Cover the treated area with a bandage for the initial three days. Protect the area with SPF during treatments to prevent sun damage. After treatment, wait for two hours before showering and avoid swimming pools, saunas, or hot tubs for 7-14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tattoo be removed in one session? In some cases, such as very small and faint tattoos, yes. However, most removals depend on the tattoo's size, color, texture, layering, and scarring, and typically require 7-20 sessions. It varies widely on a case-by-case basis.

Can you donate blood after treatment? According to the NHS website, you can donate blood after the laser tattoo removal area has healed, which is usually one to two weeks.

Is sun exposure safe after removal? No, it is recommended that you avoid exposing the treated area to the sun for 48 hours after any laser treatment.

Can I get another tattoo after laser treatment? Yes, but you should wait 6-8 weeks for the skin tissue to heal. Getting a new tattoo sooner can lead to scar tissue build-up and distort the new design.

Can I go swimming after removal? No, you will need to wait 4-5 days for skin to fully heal so you don't create infection. 

Can I get removal while pregnant? There is no evidence that has suggested you can cause any issues, but for the safety of our clients we choose to hold off during pregance and breast feeding.

Can I get removal while doing laser hair removal? It's recommeded you should recieve the hair removal first then have tattoo removed. If the tattoo is not in the same area treatments should be seperated because the body can only process so much energy at once. 

Can tattoo removal remove scars? The tattoo removal is not designed to remove scars, there is a form of laser treatment that is able to reduce the appearance. 

Can laser removal make you sick? There are some side effects that can manifest. Due to the removal shattering ink particles they dissolve into your body, which can cause you to feel ill sometimes. The lymphatic system carries out all the particles, which is the same system that carry your cells, so when you mix "toxins" it is possible to feel sick. 

How to speed up process

Lymphatic Cleansing involves massage, dry brushing (while avoiding the tattoo), diet, infrared saunas, herbs, as well as green and red smoothies, coupled with exercise.

For Circulation, engaging in activities that promote movement is beneficial for the lymphatic system. This includes yoga, rebounding on a trampoline, brisk walking, or gym workouts that elevate your heart rate. It's important to note that smoking can significantly impede circulation, so reducing or quitting smoking during treatments is advisable.

A Happy Liver is crucial as toxins pass through the liver before being expelled through sweat and urine. Consuming foods high in Vitamin C can aid the liver in this detoxification process. Some of the best detoxifying foods include coriander, leafy greens, kale, broccoli, spinach, parsley, garlic, onion, chlorella, and milk thistle.

It's advisable not to undergo treatment when sick. Instead, cancel and reschedule for at least two weeks after recovery. This is because your white blood cells will be focused on fighting your illness and won't be able to effectively remove particles during the treatment, rendering it ineffective.


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